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how cliche

Friends only.

The ability to trust is something I'm lacking. If I know you and you're not on my list already, there's a reason you're not. If I don't know you, add me. This isn't anything special, though.. I promise.

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I noticed that you have Beep Beep listed in your interest.
You should join their community!


Thanks for your time. :)

Hey deb, its Leeanne.. Add me <3

wahh your so pretty! ^-^ prety deborah! oki yea im just b0red goin aroudn commenting byee much love


I'd like to be added, You still a freind to me and Id luv to read what you have written
. Layta Earl

Yo girl, I wanna be added. :D

add meeeeeeeeeeeee its brandon

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